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Artist Profiles

Nicole Dickerson

Nicole Dickerson is a proud Yama(t)ji Woman from Geraldton WA. She is connected to the Amangu, Naaguja People & also connections to the Ngarluma people on her Mother’s side. Her current practice reflects the feelings of her personal narrative. Her work is influenced both by contemporary Aboriginal art and her strong tie to where she comes from, through sharing stories, memories of family traditions & times spent at special places. Nicole is the owner of her own small business, Nikki Dee Designs.

Yolande Yarran-Ward

Yolande, known as YANDI is a Noongar Yorga from the Wheatbelt town of Quairading, on Ballardong Country. She also has ancestral ties to Yued, Whadjuk and Gnaala Karla Booja as well. Painting has just been a fun hobby for Yolande because she's seen her Grandparents and Parents doing painting when she was little. As Yolande got older, she had more interest in the arts, extending her artistic flare. So, she took up more contemporary art, basket weaving, ecodye story doll making and song writing. This is where her art story began.

Astrid Walsh

Astrid Walsh nee YARRAN, is a proud Ballardong woman from the Noongar mob. She has also has connections with Whadjuk.

She is the youngest of 10 children from Quairading and she has 14 Grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Astrid has been painting for the past 10 years and finds her inspiration through stories and country. She enjoys painting as a hobby, but she also uses it as a way to unwind and relax.

Patricia Lee

My Name is Patricia Lee and I’m a Noongar/Yamatji woman I come from a very strong background of resilient Men and Women.

I was Born in Perth in 1986 to my parents Patrick Lee & Norma Lee née Yarran and I’ve lived in many places from Quairading, Broome and finally Settling in Carnarvon for 30+ years of my life. I’m 1 of 6 children and enjoy many things from singing, fishing, camping, footy and painting.


My first ever inspiration for painting is my Dad, Patrick Lee senior who has his very own unique style of painting. I often ask his permission to use his symbolisations in my pieces also. Our family live off the land and the sea so this is very important for me to depict this in my art.

I am also a Mother to two beautiful children Nathan and Phoenix and have been a StepMum to my partners 3 beautiful children for the past 15 years




My style I would say is experimental & contemporary Aboriginal art. I like to try things and use bright colours that are striking to the eye. I believe every artist is unique and their uniqueness shows through their art.

I do it as a hobby and hope to make money to help support my family and grow my art business more I’ll also be looking to raise awareness towards the Autism Spectrum Disorder as both of our little inspirations Nathan & Phoenix is Autistic and our real life superhero’s


I’m no Picasso by any means, but We hope to bring you colourful and meaningful pieces of artwork.

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